about ME

I'm a high school teacher for German, English and Drama in Wiesbaden and at the International Department of the Ministry of Education in Hesse, Germany. I am on a mission to connect learning to the UN Global Goals. As a member of the Pestalozzi Programme, the Council of Europe programme for the professional development of teachers and education actors and as a UNESCO delegate for the role of teachers in Peace and Sustainable Development, a top 50 finalist in the Global Teacher Prize 2015 and Teacher Prize Jury Member 2017, I support an education that fosters intercultural competences and active citizenship. I am a Fellow for the Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes in Kansas. My ideas are published in articles and public speeches such as "Teaching - The Most Important Profession in the World", given at TEDxHeidelberg.

I came to realize that so far I have been a bee with regards to education. I have "flown" to many different types of schools in different countries, worked in primary and different types of secondary schools, and tertiary education, with young children in adventure-based education, with juvenile delinquents. And I wrote and learned about education in different contexts. I have always been influenced by social workers, teachers, teacher trainers, mentors, scientists and of course the students and children I worked with.


I'm driven by a deep interest in education and human relationships and would love to come closer and closer to answers to this and similar questions: How do we provide the best possible education for the children of the world? How can we enable them to create a good future for themselves and our planet?


What I believe is that we need an education that includes physical and emotional safety, intellectual and skill-oriented training with the aim of helping students to become their happiest and most capable possible selves.

To me, finding the answer(s) for great education is just as important as curing diseases and fighting war because with our children we raise the next generation of future researchers, peacebuilders, engineers, authors and teachers. I don't know the "one answer" to a good education. Nevertheless, I believe that the awareness that working with our students means creating a new future is one of the keys of being a good teacher.

"The influence of a good teacher can never be erased."