For several years I have worked as a journalist for local newspapers, and national theater magazines, marketing magazines and as an intern for radio and tv stations. I also appeared in a few tv productions and participated in speaker training. This work helped me gain skills that I can now pass on to my students in newspaper projects, audio and video productions.


Public Relations for several theater productions help me draw attention to my students' work.


When working as a journalist, I usually choose educational and theater related topics to work on. I have always enjoyed that this work enables me to talk to so many people about their passions in life. In the approximately 1000 articles I have written for local newspapers I also very much enjoyed focusing on stories of people who make a difference in their communities.


During the last years students have often chosen our newspaper project which helped them learn about journalistic work. A lot of schools provide theme-related learning during one week per year. During this week our students focus on their fellow students' projects and write bilingual articles or interviews about them.


With younger students I have created newspapers before. In a town-project, in which they pretended that they are citizens of a children-ruled society some students have chosen to be journalists and write about events that take place in our utopian township.