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In 1993, creative and compassionate students at Johannes-Gutenberg-University of Mainz founded Musical Inc., a group which has produced big annual musical productions with students from all academic subjects. I joined Musical Inc. in 2006 as an actress in the musical FAME. Then, I became one of the directors and head of the group. We produced HAIR, had several concerts and shows in our university theater and other places with 4000 visitors. We became a registered organization and invented a unique academical program which combines scientific aspects of our play productions and show elements. For being democratic, creative and cooperative, the Hair-production was chosen by the European Union as an outstanding youth project.


During the last years, Musical Inc. productions have attracted thousands of visitors every year and are compared to professional theater productions at state theaters and private musical theaters. I kept close to the productions of RENT, PINKELSTADT, FRÜHLINGS ERWACHEN and SIDE SHOW, helped whenever help was needed and cheered for the great achievements of actors, musicians, directors and organizers. I was elected head of musical Inc. again in 2013 for the production CURTAINS and founded the Musical Inc. Summer School for Music, Dance and Drama. Check out for further details.

German Media Coverage for Curtains - The Musical
I was happy to be the elected president of the Musical Inc.'s 2013/2014 murder mystery play production "Curtains - The Musical" and represent the production as a public relations manager. The student actors, dancers and musicians do an amazing job at being part time researchers and part time musical theater staff and are a delight to work with!
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